The Matter of intuitive consciousness

Space and time are known to us as formal conditions of consciousness; whether they are anything more than such conditions is a question which at present we have no means of answering. The laws of consciousness must be primarily manifested as binding upon the conscious mind. As such, they necessarily accompany every manifestation of consciousness; … Continue reading The Matter of intuitive consciousness


Consciousness is the result of a human intellect

Consciousness is the result of a human intellect acting in conjunction with a human organisation; and if we withdraw or mutilate either element, we produce, not an actual man, but a hypothetical monster. A being endowed, according to the hypothesis of Étienne Bonnot de Condillac, with a sense of smell only, and identifying himself with … Continue reading Consciousness is the result of a human intellect

The general denomination of Intuitions

The distinctive feature of presentative consciousness consists in the fact that it is caused by the actual presence of an individual object, whether thing, act, or state of mind, occupying a definite position in time, or in space, or in both. It is true that this object is not discerned as such, and the consciousness … Continue reading The general denomination of Intuitions

One step further: Time through the eyes of a psychic

As per Wikipedia: "Galileo, Newton, and most people up until the 20th century thought that time was the same for everyone everywhere. This is the basis for timelines, where time is a parameter. The modern understanding of time is based on Einstein's theory of relativity, in which rates of time run differently depending on relative … Continue reading One step further: Time through the eyes of a psychic

The Universe: Through The Eyes Of A Psychic

The universe is all of space and time, of energy and matter. It contains planets, stars, galaxies, you, me, and things you can't see. There are many universes out there. And they are all functioning at their own pace, at their own rhythm. Our universe is just one of them. It is hard to conceive … Continue reading The Universe: Through The Eyes Of A Psychic

Phenomenon of Consciousness (9)

All attempts heretofore made to account for the origin or existence of the Universe involve such contradictions or ambiguities. No rational account can be given of any phenomenon without previously accepting the existence of the physical universe as made known to consciousness through sense and cognition. A theory based on a mathematical space of four … Continue reading Phenomenon of Consciousness (9)

Phenomenon of Consciousness (1)

Two MEN Stand with their faces toward the setting sun. One has the ordinary power of vision, the other is blind. To the one there appears a beautiful phenomenon, to the other, nothing. Both are facing the same juxtaposition of elements,—energy, matter, space and time, which constitutes the sunset sky. To the one there is … Continue reading Phenomenon of Consciousness (1)