That [Dao] Will Naturally Arrive

Once the four limbs are properly aligned, Once blood and Qi are still : Unify your intent, consolidate your heart/mind; And the ears and eyes will be restrained Even though what is remote seems near. Deep contemplation creates understanding; Disdain and laxity creates worries; Cruelty and arrogance creates resentment; Worries and melancholy create sickness. Sickness … Continue reading That [Dao] Will Naturally Arrive


Inner Attainment

When people can be properly aligned and still : Their hair and skin are abundant and smooth, Their ears and eyes are acute and clear, Their muscles are supple and their bones are strong. Then they can support the great circle of heaven, And walk on the great square of earth. They are a reflection … Continue reading Inner Attainment

This is called cloud-like Qi

When you expand your heart/mind and free it, When your Qi is magnanimous and vast, When your form is calm and unchanging : You can maintain Oneness and reject the ten thousand trivialities, You see profit and are not tempted, You see trouble and are not frightened. You are magnanimous, relaxed, and kind*; When alone, … Continue reading This is called cloud-like Qi

Dao Fills The World

Dao fills the world Every place the citizens are located, But the citizens can not understand this! With the liberation of one word: Your head can observe what is in heaven, Your lowest extreme is on earth, And your coils fill the nine provinces. What does it mean to be liberated by it? You will … Continue reading Dao Fills The World