That [Dao] Will Naturally Arrive

Once the four limbs are properly aligned, Once blood and Qi are still : Unify your intent, consolidate your heart/mind; And the ears and eyes will be restrained Even though what is remote seems near. Deep contemplation creates understanding; Disdain and laxity creates worries; Cruelty and arrogance creates resentment; Worries and melancholy create sickness. Sickness … Continue reading That [Dao] Will Naturally Arrive


Where essence exists, there is naturally life - Outside you, calmness flourishes; It collects inside you, thus acting as a primal spring. Like a vast lake, it is harmonious and equable. It thus becomes a fountainhead of Qi. As long as the fountainhead does not dry up, The four limbs are then strong. When the … Continue reading Qi

This is called cloud-like Qi

When you expand your heart/mind and free it, When your Qi is magnanimous and vast, When your form is calm and unchanging : You can maintain Oneness and reject the ten thousand trivialities, You see profit and are not tempted, You see trouble and are not frightened. You are magnanimous, relaxed, and kind*; When alone, … Continue reading This is called cloud-like Qi