Astral Parasites

Astral parasites enter the atmosphere through leaking from one world to the next. They pass through electrical outlets, equipment or tools. They invade the rivers, the lakes, the oceans, the animals, the plants, the food supply. They ooze through, unseen at first and then via clairvoyance they are seen, and via clairsentience they are felt. … Continue reading Astral Parasites


Quick advice for astral workers

The astral plane is important to be explored because it assists humans in understanding where they go when they die. However, the astral plane can be a scary place, just like when you land in a violent or criminal location you fear for your life. Dead humans who have led a clean, benevolent life just … Continue reading Quick advice for astral workers

What is astral science

Astral science is a science because it requires knowledge of its rules, its policies, its ways, its purpose, its agenda, its outcome. Every subject that has all the stated requirements has the title of science. Astral science is heading to the discovery of a world other than the physical, but which is the same than … Continue reading What is astral science

How astral energies affect human health

The astral realm affects human health by causing illnesses, ills, suicides, negative behaviors as well as by inducing drug need, alcohol need, criminal activities, and murders. The astral realm, by leaking the venom of the negative entities and pests into the electrical, atmospheric, water, electronic source or mode of living -- causes disturbances in the … Continue reading How astral energies affect human health