Does astral affect the land?

Nothing is safe on earth. In the physical plane, worms can feed off the human body as well as off our plants, trees and animals. Just like in the physical plane, astral parasites feed off humans, animals and plants. Some of the fresh vegetables and fruits that we eat are infested. Trees are dying for … Continue reading Does astral affect the land?


Farmers we need you

Farmers, we need you. Our lands are being bombarded. Our lands are being infected. More and more farm lands are continuously being hit with astral barbs. Please save us. Save humanity. Save our children. Violence is rampant in our society. We are all paying a price for that which most of us are not aware … Continue reading Farmers we need you

Signs your home is infested with negative entities

In general, most homes have negative entities. Unless you've mastered protection on the astral level for yourself and your home, you are bound to have some negative astral activity in your home. Every time you step out of the door, you pick up entities like bacteria. If you surf through social media regularly, you've most … Continue reading Signs your home is infested with negative entities