Farmers we need you

Farmers, we need you. Our lands are being bombarded. Our lands are being infected. More and more farm lands are continuously being hit with astral barbs. Please save us. Save humanity. Save our children. Violence is rampant in our society. We are all paying a price for that which most of us are not aware … Continue reading Farmers we need you


First step to high-frequency living

The first step to living a high-frequency life is centered in the mind. Your mind is the key to your change. It is there where the thoughts and ideas you need to guide you, reside. It is there where you will find the power to make this life-altering change. For thoughts are power.

Exercise: Preparing your mind for a high-frequency life

Here are a few exercises to prepare your mind for high-frequency living. ⦁ What does high-frequency living mean to you? Write the answer down from the top of your head. ⦁ When you think of high-frequency living, what words come to mind? Write them down, preferably as words. ⦁ Quickly from the top of your … Continue reading Exercise: Preparing your mind for a high-frequency life