Seeing a ball of Light

On a clear day while seated at the edge of a cabana in Port Mansfield, TX, I saw a huge ball of light coming from the south side of the beach on my right. And out of that ball popped out a giant of a man and he glided down to stand directly across from … Continue reading Seeing a ball of Light

9 Ways to cultivate high-frequency relationships

In a high-frequency life, there are many ways to raise and maintain your vibration. You can watch high-frequency movies, read thought-provoking books, engage in reciprocated love affairs. You can also cultivate high-frequency relationships. Here are 6 ways to use relationships to increase, restore, protect, and maintain your frequency through interacting with people. 1. Socialize with … Continue reading 9 Ways to cultivate high-frequency relationships

High-frequency minds: Transform your thoughts

All thoughts are energy in the astral dimension. Even though you cannot see this energy without strong clairvoyance, you may be able to feel them. Most humans by adulthood, have developed high enough sensitivity to sense certain energies directed at them. For example, have you ever felt like someone was staring at you and turned … Continue reading High-frequency minds: Transform your thoughts

High-frequency Minds

From the root chakra to the crown chakra, from your higher self to the spirits around you, there are a plethora of ways for thoughts to enter your mind. Once there, in your mind, thoughts gain power. The longer they reside in your mind, the more energy they build. For this reason, the most important … Continue reading High-frequency Minds