Perception proper is the consciousness of the existence of our body

Sensation, in its most general acceptation, is sometimes used to signify the whole of that portion of considerable misunderstanding. Etymologically, the term should denote a turning lack of the mind upon an object previously existing, so that the existence of a state of consciousness is distinct from the reflection on that state. In this sense, … Continue reading Perception proper is the consciousness of the existence of our body


Preservative Consciousness

In adopting the term presentation or intuition, to express the consciousness of any individual affection of the mind, a writer may be liable to the charge of innovation, in what was, at least in the last generation, the established language of English philosophy. But in this case necessity has no law. We need a term … Continue reading Preservative Consciousness

The Astral Senses (Part 3)

Now all this means that the ego, or soul, or mind, if you prefer the term— is the real Knower who becomes aware of the outside world by means of the messages of the senses. Cut off from these messages the mind would be almost a blank, so far as outside objects are concerned. Every … Continue reading The Astral Senses (Part 3)

The Astral Senses (Part 1)

When you once get a correct scientific conception of the real nature of the five ordinary senses, you will be able to intelligently grasp the nature of the higher psychic faculties or senses, and thus be better fitted to use them. So, let us take a few moments time in order to get this fundamental … Continue reading The Astral Senses (Part 1)