One of our psychics wrote this poem a while back per a dream she had. She often describes her mystical experiences through poetry. One breezy evening after a heavy meal I sat down in a chair on the porch in my home It was a peaceful time when my thoughts were aglow Itching indeed I … Continue reading Sequoyah


We find that it is important for us to share some of our experiences because we hold ourselves accountable to truth as much as we can. Each experience provides a measure of the possibilities out there rather than fiction. And so recently, just as Judith was waking up, a sudden vision appeared right in front … Continue reading Garuda

How the universe helps

Many years ago, while going through some rough times, loss of job and husband along with death of son, Isabel had an enlightening dream which heralded some uplifting changes in her life. She is driving her car home and she arrives at her subdivision when she sees the street full of Muslim men and women. … Continue reading How the universe helps