10 Benefits of clair senses

There are different psychic abilities under the name clair senses. The ones I am the most familiar with, meaning being able to use either at random or at will, are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairolfaction and channeling. At first, I deplored and hated these abilities because I could not understand what they were and how … Continue reading 10 Benefits of clair senses


52 Ways to live a spiritual and positive life

1. Experience life through intuition. 2. Discern. There is a lot of deceit in the world. 3. Understand that enlightenment is already within you. 4. When you are lost, seek the teacher within yourself. 5. Develop habits that support spiritual living. 6. Learn to live a part of your day in silence, contemplation and meditation. … Continue reading 52 Ways to live a spiritual and positive life