The main goal of Amare Rosita Foundation is to improve the quality of life around the world through teaching about high-frequency living, the astral dimension, and various other philosophies.

The founders of Amare Rosita also want to encourage psychics to think about the different ways they can use their psychic abilities to help humanity and earth. They also want to inspire farmers, scientists, doctors, and writers to start looking beyond the physical plane and into the astral in order to better solve problems. And most of all, they want to encourage more conversations about the effects of the astral dimension on health, behavior, politics, and natural foods.

They believe humanity has reached a point in their evolution as a species to begin researching and discussing the impact of the astral plane on humanity and earth, as well as humanity’s impact on the astral plane. They look forward to the day when all can see the truth – what goes on behind “the veil”.