We find that it is important for us to share some of our experiences because we hold ourselves accountable to truth as much as we can. Each experience provides a measure of the possibilities out there rather than fiction. And so recently, just as Judith was waking up, a sudden vision appeared right in front … Continue reading Garuda

The five benefits of doing six back-to-back foot soaks

The five benefits of doing six back-to-back foot soaks: Entities can hide in different dimensions within the body. By doing six or more foot soaks one after the other, you can kick out the entities that have buried themselves deep into the different dimensions and won't come out otherwise. You will feel light after such … Continue reading The five benefits of doing six back-to-back foot soaks

Light uses Dark to effect change

Ever wonder why you had to go through all these turbulent times in your life in order to arrive at an unexpected terminal? Ever question who is behind your pain and suffering? Blame the Light. The Light uses the Dark to engender change. That which the Light is not willing to do, it allows the … Continue reading Light uses Dark to effect change

Being a clairvoyant

Have you ever seen something briefly pass right in front of your eyes but you can't swear that you indeed saw it? Have you ever glanced in the distance and saw something weird which immediately disappeared and therefore you cannot attest to it? Clairvoyance is the ability to see that which human eyes should not … Continue reading Being a clairvoyant

How the universe helps

Many years ago, while going through some rough times, loss of job and husband along with death of son, Isabel had an enlightening dream which heralded some uplifting changes in her life. She is driving her car home and she arrives at her subdivision when she sees the street full of Muslim men and women. … Continue reading How the universe helps

Experiences: Illnesses and astral activity

I have come to the conclusion that most illnesses are caused by astral pests, whether emitted by ghosts and entities or even as a natural part of our physical environment. Since I have become clairsentient and clairvoyant, meaning feeling and seeing the astral world both in good and in bad, I have paid a closer … Continue reading Experiences: Illnesses and astral activity

Developing partial clairvoyance

The experiences of the untrained clairvoyant—and be it remembered that that class includes all European clairvoyants except a very few—will, however, usually fall very far short of what I have attempted to indicate; they will fall short in many different ways—in degree, in variety, or in permanence, and above all in precision. Sometimes, for example, … Continue reading Developing partial clairvoyance

Experiences: Spider web in the sky

In 2007, my dissertation called for more precise examples related to better health. I had no idea what to write until a voice whispered "Quantum Physics." I went searching and bought multiple books. I was hooked. Quantum Physics sent me on the path of making my mind the main activator, the creator of all things … Continue reading Experiences: Spider web in the sky

Experiences: Impromptu waves and shadows

Solitary walks in a safe environment can bring some interesting effects. It so happened that I had read a quantum physics book prior to going out and my mind was debating on the wave concept. That's all I kept thinking about. Lo and behold, as it started getting dark and the lamp posts lit up, … Continue reading Experiences: Impromptu waves and shadows

The astral plane & its inhabitants

I can hardly give you a better idea of the course of our journey than by asking you to imagine a vast spiral or corkscrew winding upwards and downwards in circling rings. A tiny speck no bigger than a pin's head in the middle of a large cart-wheel might represent the earth in the centre … Continue reading The astral plane & its inhabitants

Experience: The birth of a galaxy

How can one define a galaxy? How can one explain the amazement deriving from watching in a vision a sudden burst of energy right in front of one's eyes? And so it was. In 2016 while taking a small nap in the evening, as clearly and as vividly as could be, I watched multiple lights … Continue reading Experience: The birth of a galaxy

Spirits of the earth plane

My work was to be begun upon the earth itself, and in those haunts which men of the world call the haunts of pleasure, though no pleasure is so fleeting, no degradation so sure, as that which they produce even during the earthly life. And now I found the value of the teachings and the … Continue reading Spirits of the earth plane

Experiences: Being a clairsentient

Clairsentience became a fixed part of me in 2013. I had no idea at that time what I was facing, therefore I could not correlate my symptoms to the astral arena. Since everything was invisible, explaining exactly what was happening to me was difficult. I was feeling droplets on my face and in my eyes. … Continue reading Experiences: Being a clairsentient

Experiences: Omnilingualism and Acceptance

Omnilingualism is the ability to understand, speak, write, and read multiple languages. Users with this gift can communicate in any language - spoken languages, dead languages, sign language, and computer codes. Many years ago when I was a little girl, I felt I was being pushed toward learning many languages. It was an obsession that … Continue reading Experiences: Omnilingualism and Acceptance

Experiences: Seeing a city underneath a lake

In 2010 as I was walking by a large lake at the park I paused for a second. It looked like I had seen an erect body moving inside the water. I said to myself that I was seeing things so I continued walking. The following lap I looked again and I saw what looked … Continue reading Experiences: Seeing a city underneath a lake

Experiences: Seeing a ball of Light

On a clear day while seated at the edge of a cabana in Port Mansfield, TX, I saw a huge ball of light coming from the south side of the beach on my right. And out of that ball popped out a giant of a man and he glided down to stand directly across from … Continue reading Experiences: Seeing a ball of Light

Experiences: Animal telepathy

A lot of my experiences occurred while I walked in parks or in forests. And so it goes that one day I did my first lap without incident. The second time going around, I encountered a brown snake on my path. As I was going to cross to the other side of the trail, I … Continue reading Experiences: Animal telepathy

Experiences: Psychic combustion & its effects

In 2013 while driving on I-40 in Oklahoma, I got stopped by a police officer. I watched him pull over another car so I changed lane and passed him. Well, he must have thought I had something to hide because he quickly left that car and put his lights on to stop me. I immediately … Continue reading Experiences: Psychic combustion & its effects

Experiences travel with resulting Déjà vu

I spent hours during the months of December 2016, January and February 2017 doing astral traveling. I started out in various chambers in the Sun where I met different beings and conversed with them repeatedly. Later on in the process, a bright green dragon with shiny scales appeared, introduced himself and offered to train me. … Continue reading Experiences travel with resulting Déjà vu

Experiences: Out-of-body trio of compassion

In March 2014, I lifted out of my bed and next saw myself coming down in a room via the ceiling.  From that level, I looked at a table where some men and women were seated at and they appeared sad. The women were crying. Then they looked up and saw me. They all had … Continue reading Experiences: Out-of-body trio of compassion

Experiences: Visions of mermaids

One evening years ago, while taking a nap, I saw in a body of water, mermaids rise in and out of the water. They peered through and looked at people passing by, although these same people were unaware of them. These mermaids were having fun blowing water upward and spraying the passersby, like it was … Continue reading Experiences: Visions of mermaids

Experiences: Out-of-body Travel

My very first OBE occurred in October 2000, and because I was so new at this mystical world I assumed I was going to die. While sleeping, I saw three ladies in my room staring at me while I was in my bed. They told me to get up and follow them. I rose out … Continue reading Experiences: Out-of-body Travel

Experiences: Arrival of the Daoist gods

The end of December 2013 brought magnificent beings that I did not know of nor had ever seen or heard of: The Three Pure Ones. It was during an Asian street festival that I saw these gods come out of a portal in mid-air. There were Chinese dragons, stilt walkers, balloons, lanterns, floats, Asian dancers … Continue reading Experiences: Arrival of the Daoist gods

Experiences: Arrival of the Hindu gods

In September 2013, the Hindu God Vishnu formally visited me. Prior to that, in the year 2000, I had seen the Bollywood movie Mission Kashmir at the insistence of my daughter. I had a very limited knowledge of the Indian history, their religious beliefs, culture, foods and so on. This was brand new to me. … Continue reading Experiences: Arrival of the Hindu gods

Experiences: Reincarnation and understanding

In 2004, I had my first vision of a previous life of mine. I saw myself as a house slave on a plantation in a Caribbean island.  I knew it was Caribbean because of the terrain, the trees, the whole environment. It appeared that a battle for independence was imminent and the slaves on that … Continue reading Experiences: Reincarnation and understanding

Experiences: Protection at the park

I spent many evenings in 2010 walking in a small park in South Florida for a couple of hours. On the fourth week of walking, I noticed a man seated at a picnic table but I paid him no mind. Day after day, this man continued coming and choosing a different table to sit at. … Continue reading Experiences: Protection at the park