The five benefits of doing six back-to-back foot soaks

The five benefits of doing six back-to-back foot soaks: Entities can hide in different dimensions within the body. By doing six or more foot soaks one after the other, you can kick out the entities that have buried themselves deep into the different dimensions. You will feel light after such a cleansing, as if you … Continue reading The five benefits of doing six back-to-back foot soaks


3 Ways to prepare your home for a high-frequency life

Once you have chosen your home environment, here are some suggestions on how to prepare and maintain your home: 1. Clean your home continuously. 2. Minimize your space. 3. Keep the corners of the inside of your home free of clutter and trash.

Astral body cleanse: Sea salt foot soaks

There are a few ways to cleanse your astral body of foreign entities. One of the best and easiest ways we've found is the sea salt foot soak. It doesn't require you to go to a psychic or a magician. You don't have to order the ingredients from anywhere special. There is no complicated ritual … Continue reading Astral body cleanse: Sea salt foot soaks

3 Ways to cultivate high-frequency relationships

In a high-frequency life, there are many ways to raise and maintain your vibration. Here are 3 ways to use relationships to increase and maintain your frequency through interacting with people. 1. Socialize with people who have a similar or higher frequency. 2. While interacting with friends and family of similar high frequencies, purposefully choose … Continue reading 3 Ways to cultivate high-frequency relationships

How to burn incense to clean a space

There are many ways to burn incense to clean a space. Some methods work better than others. In general, the effectiveness of incense cleansing treatments will depend on these five things: 1. What incense scent(s) you burn. 2. The quality of your incense. 3. How frequently you burn. 4. How much negative astral activity exists … Continue reading How to burn incense to clean a space

How to spiritually choose a home

Before you begin the path to Divinity or pursue a high-frequency life, we recommend you choose your home with careful thought and planning. It will make the journey much easier. Why struggle midway through your journey when you don't have to. There's so much to fight for or against already in this world. Your home … Continue reading How to spiritually choose a home

Maintaining a healthy body

Anyone who has been sick knows that healing is a complicated process. It takes time, doctor visits, medication, rest, and sometimes even surgery. For this reason, it is better to prevent illness as much as possible. Health is important in divine living for many reasons.

Exercise: Seeing divinity in everything

"If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all". - Yogi Bhajan 1. Choose 7 people you enjoy to be around. Why do you enjoy to be around them? Think about all their positive qualities. What one quality makes you think of God or Divinity? What one quality inspires you or … Continue reading Exercise: Seeing divinity in everything

Exercise: Transforming occurrences

For every problem given below, create a positive affirmation(s) and an action to circumvent it. ⦁ I moved to a new city and feel very lonely. ⦁ My best-friend dumped me for that stupid guy. I hate her. ⦁ My kids are spoiled-rotten. They drive me crazy. ⦁ My boyfriend makes me feel so alone … Continue reading Exercise: Transforming occurrences

High-frequency Minds

From the root chakra to the crown chakra, from your higher self to the spirits around you, there are a plethora of ways for thoughts to enter your mind. Once there, in your mind, thoughts gain power. The longer they reside in your mind, the more energy they build.

Exercise: Preparing your mind for a high-frequency life

Here are a few exercises to prepare your mind for high-frequency living. ⦁ What does high-frequency living mean to you? Write the answer down from the top of your head. ⦁ When you think of high-frequency living, what words come to mind? Write them down, preferably as words. ⦁ Quickly from the top of your … Continue reading Exercise: Preparing your mind for a high-frequency life

8 Exercises to improve visualization

Visualization is an important part of mystical and self-development work. It is a key into the cosmos. It is art for it encourages imagination -- detailed imagery of desired realities. It is power for it can create alternate realities. And it is an ability because like other abilities it needs practice, lots of practice to … Continue reading 8 Exercises to improve visualization