Amare Rosita Foundation offers their psychically-advanced members anonymity as they share their experiences and research with the world. Here is a list of books written by various members on topics related to mysticism, spirituality, science, and psychism. We currently only sell books in e-book format.

amazon pic - astral infiltrates technology


Many researchers have discussed how technology is ruining people’s live. In this book, we discuss one more problem that has been overlooked by researchers, astral entities. Entities on the astral plane have been using technology to spread and influence more people than they ever could do on their own. In this book, we discuss how they are doing it, how it is affecting the human body, and what the ramifications can be…  Amazon 



amazon pic- the clairsenses


Being able to hear ghosts speak and smell the presence of dead saints are just two of many abilities the clairsenses cover. This book discusses these abilities plus a few lesser known clairsenses; and includes detailed sections on clairvoyance and clairaudience. It offers examples and shares experiences to help explain how each clairsense can manifest and be used….   Amazon



amazon clairentitasreception


Clairentitasreception is a short book that introduces a new clair sense to the psychic and scientific community. This book discusses entities living and moving through the astral plane and how they impact the human body. It offers experiences and observations based on data collected over the years….  Amazon 






This book provides multiple experiences where Hindu, Greek, Daoist Gods, and angels among others appear and share their knowledge and wisdom. Out-of-body experiences to temples in India, quantum physics experiments, vivid dreams, visions,  and astral traveling lead to an amazing discovery… Amazon