Do you think you have had an astral-related experience?

As astral science researchers, we at Amare Rosita Foundation, are interested in collecting astral-related materials for analysis. This includes experiences, concerns, fears, solutions, reactions.

Too often, people feel afraid to share or even admit to having astral experiences. The stigma surrounding these experiences often stops people from reaching out when they need it. We want to change that.

We want to change the conversation on astral science and make this topic, normal.

It is time that everyone who has had an experience, whether fun or scary, speak up. It is the only way we can bring awareness to this science and then, make the changes necessary to evolve ourselves, our knowledge, and our technology.

So, please share your experiences in the comment box below — what happened, in what country it happened, how you felt in the moment, and how it affected your mental health and the way you saw life after. If the experience pointed to a problem, please tell us if and how you were able to solve it.

Please keep all comments friendly and on topic. We will delete any comment that is offensive or un-related to the topic. We also will delete all comments that look like spam.


13 thoughts on “DISCUSSION BOARD

  1. A while back, I shared with my family that I was feeling things like particles dropping in my eyes, crawling on my legs and biting different parts of my body. They questioned my sanity and said I needed to see a shrink. I spent quite some time online searching for the symptoms I was having. I read many posts fitting what I was looking for and I knew I was not crazy. It opened doors for me to understand that there are things out there that cannot be seen but that are impacting my body.

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  2. My problem started when I lost my house and landed at my sister’s house for a few months. I did not know yet that the angrier I got, the more it felt like my body was on fire. It was like multiple bugs were biting my legs, without leaving any trace. I thought I was going crazy. I eventually realized that maybe there was something in the house that awakened my ability to feel things.

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  3. A couple of years ago on a cross-country trip, I stopped at a rest area for a quick nap. An awful sensation of multiple tiny worms crawling in my eyes kept me awake. There were several cars parked there with people in them, so I attributed it to either the people or the land. I drove off and stopped at the next rest stop. It was peaceful there.

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  4. Four years ago, I had a clear vision of an entity staring at me while draining life out of me. I could not stop it because I was in a trance. My daughter heard me moaning and struggling, she screamed and shook me out of it. She then forced me to drink some salted water. The next day, my mom called to tell me that my cousin had died. It was the same day and same time of my vision. I knew then that I had experienced my cousin’s exact moment and manner of death.

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  5. Just came through a dream-vision where I see myself amazed that I made a breakthrough discovery, as I am heading down some stairs to catch a train. As I sat down and looked at the other people, I felt a rumbling and shaking of the train. It appeared like land was falling down on it. I knew I was about to die. I deplored that it had to happen right after the discovery. I came out of the vision and I then heard this song in my head: “Lasciatemi cantare con la chitarra in mano.”

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  6. In late November 2004, I saw myself in a boat on the lower floor along with several people. Suddenly we felt the boat shaking violently and we watched water invading the lower level. We all ran upstairs. As the water got higher and higher, it reached us at the upper level. It was major panic, eyes dilated, we saw the water submerging us all and we were no more. Right after that, I saw myself on the shore alone looking at the ocean and I knew I had survived. And then I heard: “Krakatoa.”

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  7. This morning I saw my daughter and me in a street at the exact moment when multiple people were just dropping dead as they looked slightly up to the sky. It was not a physical attack. My daughter was the first to run down the hill as she shapeshifted into a dog. I followed suit and flew as a bird. I then watched her change from dog to cat and we both escaped the scene. This was followed by me telling my daughter that I had observed two men discussing what was going to take place prior to the event. And then I heard the country they were from.

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  8. In April 2020, I had a vision where I am standing in the street looking at a tall building with stone pillars. And suddenly I saw all the statues at the pediment (triangular gable roof) shake themselves out of the structure and fly upwards and disappear into the sky. And then, I watched the statue of a female goddess cemented on the ground crumble into a pile of rocks. I had a doom feeling that the gods and goddesses protecting that land had decamped.

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  9. I am reading DailyMail and I see that deaths from Monkeypox are starting to take place. I remembered the dream that Tatiana had about people she saw dying. Could it refer to what is happening now?

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  10. In 2007 I saw in a vision that my whole family and I (mother, sisters, nieces and nephews) stopped at a rest area in daylight. As we were all standing in the parking lot up talking, I lifted my head and saw in the sky four huge skeletons seated on their horse. My main focus was on the far right one, holding a scythe in his right hand. A feeling of doom entered my psyche. Some family members and also strangers were there at the rest area. I screamed at them “are you seeing what I am seeing?” Only my nephew saw them and remained entranced. Once the others heard about the horsemen, they all got in their car and decamped very fast.
    When I shared that vision with my family, my sister whose son had seen the horsemen, said that this is bigger than her son. She stated that many people are going to die since my focus was on the one with the scythe. In November 2020, her son died. Several family members, friends and acquaintances, (besides all the strangers) died that year of Covid-19.


  11. On January 14, 2023, I heard x2, we are here to pick up the dead. Then, I am looking at possibly 8 or 9 people walking one behind the other on the side of a wall. They are all wearing a purple shawl and then I hear we are here to collect the dead.


    1. On January 15, my sister called to tell me she heard, “look up the year 1520”. I shared with her what I had seen the day before.
      I looked it up and found this: “1520: Year of Disease – Dumbarton Oaks
      https://www.doaks.org › epidemics › burning-temple
      The year 1520 was so traumatic that it passed into history as the year of disease…”


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