Thoughts on Nonlocality: Through the eyes of a psychic

artificial-intelligence-g3981a2b02_1280 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As psychics with abilities such as the clair senses, we see life with an added pair of glasses. We see life in the context of nonlocality. For example, when we use clairaudience as an ability, we are using the method of communication between a clairaudient and the unseen entity.

How is that possible? Where is that heard voice coming from? Who is doing the talking on the other end? Those are unanswered questions, but the fact still remains that a whole well-documented conversation can take place between a physical source and a non-physical one. And that is where we tag on the concept of nonlocality.

In 1964 John Stewart Bell stated that local hidden variables can never reproduce the full range of statistical outcomes predicted by quantum theory. He believed that a hypothesis based on local hidden variables would decrease the strength of correlations in measurement results. So, his conclusion was that reality cannot be described by local hidden variables.

Bell spoke about nonlocality as a physicist. We, on the other end, speak of nonlocality as psychics. We see our interaction with the outer world as non-local, because it is not localized.

Quantum physics has not been completely accepted by all physicists. Many scientists do not believe paranormal, psychic experiences should fall under physics since they are realities that cannot be proven by scientists in an academic study. And, they are right. However, the fact remains that these experiences exist, even though there are no equations, no numbers, no theorems to attest for their validity.

Let us go back to nonlocality. When clairaudients converse with a particular entity, they are not connected to each other. They are not holding hands. They are not talking to each other physically. They are not communicating via the phone. They cannot see each other, (except if the clairaudient is also clairvoyant.) The clairaudient cannot say he is hearing the entity via his ears. He cannot say he is able to visualize the entity. And yet, the lively conversation they are having is a reality. They have crossed borders that scientists would want to deny, but cannot.

And this is where we say that nonlocality is an accepted fact for those with the psychic abilities known as clair senses, for only they can see, hear, feel, sense, know, smell, taste, that which is non-existent in the skeptic mind.

The sky is the limit if we keep an open mind. Those who continuously refute what’s not visible or what cannot be measured are actually denying themselves the access that psychics have with the infinite world out there. The Universe is open to all willing to absorb some of its knowledge.