One step further: Time through the eyes of a psychic

pocket-watch-g7f80b5a51_1280 Image by Jakub Luksch from Pixabay

As per Wikipedia: “Galileo, Newton, and most people up until the 20th century thought that time was the same for everyone everywhere. This is the basis for timelines, where time is a parameter. The modern understanding of time is based on Einstein’s theory of relativity, in which rates of time run differently depending on relative motion, and space and time are merged into spacetime, where we live on a world line rather than a timeline. In this view time is a coordinate.”

The measurement of time keeps all of us grounded, focused, knowing, and we are thankful for that. It refers to eras, events, time periods, the clock, the past, the present, the future and so on.

We, as psychics, would like to take it one step further. We see time as bendable, pliable, backwards, forward. It flips, it stops, it redresses itself as it sees fit. It is not controlled by us. We are controlled by it, for it directs us in each era, to believe what it wants us to believe, until we are ready, willing and able to research it, in order to discover newer secrets, treasured by it.

Here is one concrete experience we can share. One of our psychics had a demonstration of the power of time. One afternoon while walking laps in a park, this young woman saw a snake on the trail. She abhors snakes, but she heard a voice say to her “Look at your watch.” She did and she saw the time displayed. Let’s say 6:15 PM. After doing the whole lap and coming back to where she had met the snake, she saw that it was still there in the same position. And it said again: “Look at your watch.” The time displayed on her watch was still the same, 6:15 PM, as if her watch had stopped working. And the snake stated that time is not fixed as she thinks it is. Time is bendable, flexible and pliable. It all depends on what one wants to accomplish. It stated that with “time” one can go backward, forward, stationary, leaping back and forth at great speed and so on. The snake then slithered away. As the young woman resumed her walk, the watch displayed the real time that it would have been had it not stop.

Through the hidden doors in time, psychics have sampled major and minor events in the past, near future and far future. They have met and communicated with ancient ones, as if they were of the present. They have participated in wars and in festivities in past and future times, as if time is irrelevant.

We psychics see time and we admire its enthusiasm toward teaching us its majesty.