Does astral affect the land?

adult-gb6dde99b0_1280 Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Nothing is safe on earth. In the physical plane, worms can feed off the human body as well as off our plants, trees and animals. Just like in the physical plane, astral parasites feed off humans, animals and plants.

Some of the fresh vegetables and fruits that we eat are infested. Trees are dying for no reason. Whole forests that used to be verdant green, have now taken a grayish tint.

Here are a few examples of astral activity:

Driving on an expressway, we felt an infestation but did not know where it was coming from, until we approached a cornfield and saw a huge dark mass on top of a whole section of the field.

At the supermarket, we grabbed a bag of potatoes and got an onslaught of invisible bites on the right hand. Also, while reaching for a container of fresh mushrooms, we got hit by invisible bites.

Earth has no respite. We used to meditate by sitting on the ground, but we no longer do so. Some areas are so infested that we feel them before we arrive to them.

Agricultural fields, water bodies, pastures, playgrounds, parks, forests and so on may display heavy infestation activity, unbeknown to people.

We stayed in an area once that had a quiet, beautiful neighborhood park. And then, one day things changed. The park became impossible to enjoy, due to infestation. We left the area a few weeks later. But sadly, there were children still playing in the park and mothers walking with their newborn babies. And nothing appeared different to them.