What is astral science

radio-telescopes-g33d3fb143_1280 Image by ELG21 from Pixabay

Astral science is a science because it requires knowledge of its rules, its policies, its ways, its purpose, its agenda, its outcome. Every subject that has all the stated requirements has the title of science.

Astral science is heading to the discovery of a world other than the physical, but which is the same than the physical, in a sense. It is what “as above, so below and as below so above” means.

Astral science has a great potential to resolve many illnesses because it addresses the causative agents of these illnesses, and not just the outcome. The concept of science is to find the cause and not solely, the cure.

It is important to remember that a research project when started with the idea of discovering the truth, ends up finding numbers that can be applied to a cause. Every single thought that is not understood, has a future for understanding. It takes time, patience and diligence. Astral science and astral technology are such topics.

And as we look deeper and deeper into the problem, it is now visible that the cause of many illnesses is related to astral interaction with physical. And therefore to prevent illnesses caused by the astral realm would be the goal of astral science, as well as other endeavors and projects.

The first priority in the field of astral science should be to discover what is being leaked into the physical, what area of the astral it is coming from, who are directing the leakage, and how to block the leakage permanently.