The Universe: Through The Eyes Of A Psychic

pismis-24-g61ef8bb12_1280 Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The universe is all of space and time, of energy and matter. It contains planets, stars, galaxies, you, me, and things you can’t see.

There are many universes out there. And they are all functioning at their own pace, at their own rhythm. Our universe is just one of them.

It is hard to conceive what makes a universe, a universe, let alone many universes acting independently of each other. So, it is not a matter of what happened to the previous universes, nor others.

For they are gods in action.

They even merge sometimes to form bigger universes, in the likes of companies merging with each other. What makes this possible is the attraction they have to each other. They get close enough to feel that pull toward each other, and then they bond as two lovers, discovering their mutual need to be together.

The universe is an entity — alive, grand and sublime, like a living magnificent force. And it attracts and repulses as it sees fit.

The universe expands at infinitum. It is neither here nor there. It spreads itself as best it can, until the day it decides it has had enough, and then it disintegrates.

The universe is infinite, meaning that it can spread, expand, contract, and stretch the way it wants. It has no master, per say. It is at lib to do what it thinks is best.

The universe is an infinite source because it has no limit. It is not tied to anything. There is no hand telling it what to do. It serves the purpose of keeping all things physical, be they minute or grand, be they knowledgeable or ignorant, be they enlightened or backward in mentality. Therefore, the universe expands as it sees fit.

The universe is accelerating at present, but in context of all the billions of years it has been in action, this means nothing. It will decrease its speed as it sees fit, when it runs out of steam. And then, it will pick up again where it left off at.

The universe is a machine — self-run, self-absorbed, self-observed.

It is an entity all to itself. And it goes by its own rules.