How astral energies affect human health

depression-g52deecb06_1280 Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

The astral realm affects human health by causing illnesses, ills, suicides, negative behaviors as well as by inducing drug need, alcohol need, criminal activities, and murders.

The astral realm, by leaking the venom of the negative entities and pests into the electrical, atmospheric, water, electronic source or mode of living — causes disturbances in the human body, and thereby, ills and pains enter the body field.

The astral realm affects human mental health, via the same manner as it does the body. It has no discrimination. Every aspect of the human body is free to be attacked, whether the body or the mind.

Weaker-minded people are very vulnerable to those attacks. Pay attention to how many people are prone to drugs, to mental disorders, to illicit sexual activities, to deviance, to hallucinations, to criminal thoughts and criminal actions. Most of these folks are the by-product of the leakage of astral into physical.