A channeling message pitfall

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In 2007, Isabel, one of our psychics decided to channel Ascended Master Kuthumi. She had channeled several ascended masters that same year and their message had been about love, peace, enlightenment, compassion, knowledge and wisdom. Isabel was exhilarated with this new gift she was utilizing at will.

The beginning of the message given to Isabel was enlightening and powerful. Ascended Master Kuthumi told her how important her psychic group was and how stupendous their progress had been. He told her that the group was ready for their mission.

And then, the channeling took another turn.

Kuthumi, as well as several ascended masters, as per what he stated, were ready for the psychics to accomplish their task. He went on to say that the destruction of humanity as it stood needed to happen one way or another. The psychics were now at the helm of the destruction.

Messengers would contact them and provide tools, equipment and supplies to create a plague and other scourges. They would indicate when, how and where the psychics needed to spread the stuff. Kuthumi promised them glory, wealth, power, protection and whatever else they desired.

Isabel was so befuddled by such an outrageous message that she asked if that was for real. The answer was an absolute yes. She stopped the channeling and shared the message with the others. The answer was a solid NO. As Isabel gave the unanimous response, Kuthumi said for them not to worry and that eventually the masters would find other people willing to do this job, no matter how long it took, just because it has to be done. In his own words, the world as it stands cannot continue the way it is.

Once the process was over, the psychics discussed what had taken place and concluded that a real ascended master would never ask such a task of them. A being of the Light would never propose such an act to them. So it had to be a negative spirit floating around and pretending to be an enlightened being.

Although it was not hard for them to come to a decision, they still realized the pitfalls anybody without a sense of ethics and an understanding of the dangers of the occult world, could fall into. Sometimes, a strong desire for glory, wealth and power can sway people toward the dark if they are not adamant enough. Disillusions, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed or poverty can also tip the scale toward that path.

Channeling is a psychic ability which can be quite dangerous. The inability to see the entity one is communicating with, puts the channeler at a disadvantage. Therefore, discernment and ethics are powerful instruments in the interception of dark intentions.


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