A seer’s worst nightmare

station-1848972_1280 Image by Лечение наркомании from Pixabay

One of our psychics always finds himself embedded in his prophetic dreams. It stands as a reminder to him that empathy connects him to the pain and suffering of others, no matter the circumstances.

As we know, prophecies are not stuck to specific dates. They can take days, weeks, months or years to occur.

On 9-26-20, V.K. had a vision of his daughter and him running for safety with a group of White people who have their kids with them. These people have big backpacks and rolling suitcases. Then V.K. and his daughter leave them because they have to go back home to get their own food. They are now in their house and they pack some bags of almonds, sunflower seeds and other packaged foods in their backpack. And they run out.

They arrive to a place like a ski resort or maybe alpine land and they see people running out of the area. Cars are running down at full speed. There is a sense of pandemonium. Then they are snatched out of this scene.

They make it to another place where they are coming out of a glass door on the downstairs floor and right outside they see black bears lurking around. They hear parents reprimanding their kids for leaving the door open because the bears could come in and eat the foods. V.K. sees that these folks brought a lot of food with them. Out of this scene they are pulled. 

They are now in a place where they see a famous Indian actress in the front passenger seat of a car, with someone else driving down a hill at full speed. There seems to be kids or other people in the back seat. This scenery reminds him of the lush green area in Switzerland in the Bollywood movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.) Once again, they are pulled out and find themselves in another location.

V.K. is now next to his female cousin. He hears an on-going conversation between his cousin and her stepson’s wife who says that she and her husband cannot take her with them and that she is on her own. V.K. sees terror written all over his cousin’s face and she turns around to look at V.K. in a cry for help. V.K.’s cousin lives in the USA while the couple lives in Germany.

And so it is that as a seer, V.K. sees the pandemonium but he also feels the same panic that the people in his vision are having.  He also knows without a doubt that one way or another, this event will take place.

The storm and resulting flooding in western Europe last week had a devastating effect on the people living there, on the land and also on people at large. V.K. and his daughter happen to be in Europe at present and this event brought back the same sense of doom and panic deep inside of him.