Is a healer bound to heal everyone

universe-4573369_1920 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Diane a healer, questioned her group whether the sick people she comes in contact with should be healed, if they ask for help. It became an interesting debate because some said yes, some said no and some said yes but with caution.

This story emerged when a co-worker/friend of Diane who was diagnosed with cancer asked her to help her heal because she was due to have surgery, followed by treatment. This friend is super nice and very compassionate toward humanity. And so, Diane without any hesitation helped in her healing process. In the end, there was no surgery or treatment to be had because her cancer turned out to be a false diagnosis.

The friend was very thankful for the help she had received but then she felt that this gift the psychic had, should be used for everyone who needs it. A year or so later, the friend’s brother got very sick and she requested help again but Diane did not provide the assistance she was looking for. It became a bone of contention between the two of them and the warmth of the friendship diminished.

Here are some of the recommendations that were given by different members of the group:

⦁ Avoid letting people know that you have healing abilities
⦁ Heal if the candidate has a chance for a brighter future
⦁ Heal if you think the illness won’t impact your own well-being
⦁ Suggest a change in diet, exercise, lifestyle, nature walks and so on, that way the person will assume that it is the change in habits that has done the healing
⦁ Advise on taking a grand vacation and have all the fun in the world, while you are using your healing skills
⦁ Do not heal because you may bring the individual’s pests and parasites onto you
⦁ Determine the person’s ability to progress after the healing
⦁ Work for the good of children and young parents and not the elderly
⦁ Assess the individual’s goodness of heart and compassion
⦁ Walk away from someone who indulges in drugs, alcohol and illegal activities because you will be healing this person continuously
⦁ Assess your own state of mind and if you feel happy to help. If not, simply reject this assignment

Everyone has the right to choose the best alternative for themselves. Nobody should judge whether one is obligated to render services to humanity, if one is unwilling to do so.

Healers in the end are the final judges of their gift. They and only they should decide what is best for them.