Phenomenon of Consciousness (7)

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What constitutes change? Change, as it is manifested through the organs of sense and interpreted by the power of cognition, consists in a difference between successive states of what we call the universe. We usually think of change as a change in matter. This is probably because matter, mass or substance is the vehicle through which sensation originates, though sensation is not actually produced by matter, but by energy.

A change in matter may be a change in its position, in its form, in its condition or state, in its motion, in its temperature or in any of its properties. Matter may undergo a change in position only by moving from one position to another. To do this it must acquire motion, must move through space, and must move during a certain interval of time. No change occurs instantly and no change in the position of matter can occur, except by motion in space during time.

Matter may undergo a change in form or configuration only when its parts or some of its parts change position with reference to other parts. Otherwise we cannot conceive any alteration of form. Therefore, any change of form in matter can result only from motion of matter in space during time.

The various other changes which have been observed in matter, whether they be change of state, temperature, motion or properties, have all been extensively investigated, and it has been found that in every case any change in matter is always the result of the action upon matter of motion or something equivalent to motion: that this action always takes place in space and during time. This acting something, which is equivalent to motion, has been called energy.

All motion of matter is energy and all forms of energy may be changed into and derived from the motion of matter, and matter in motion or undergoing any change, is matter acted upon by energy. This occurs only in space and during time.

***Excerpt from Charles John Reed: The Law of Vital Infusion and the Phenomenon of Consciousness