The burden of proof lies on the seer


It is said that predictions or prophecies in order to be valid, must happen within a certain time frame, but more and more we are realizing that it is not so. Our psychics are now validating things that were told to them or shown to them, years past, months past, weeks past as well as days past. As the psychics are getting better at their clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairentitasreception, they are now revisiting frequently their knowledge of events.

By no means, does such knowledge denote lack of compassion or empathy for others but the burden of proof always lies on the seer. Only the future can validate past messages or past knowledge, so to speak.

On 4-26-20, V.K. heard (clairaudience) an on-going conversation that the internet, the cell phone, the tv, the electricity are all going to be out for more than 9 hours. He shared this conversation with his whole family and the psychic group. They discussed what might be the circumstance for this to happen and they moved on to other topics of conversation.

On 6-25-20, V.K. sees himself in a supermarket with empty shelves all around. He walks through every food aisle and he is not finding anything left to buy except some juice drinks. Once again he shares this information with the whole group and they all make sure they have ample food items available in their home.

On 2-9-21, as V.K. is brushing his teeth and then doing other chores, he hears the words of a poem by Jean de la Fontaine called La cigale et la fourmi (the cicada and the ant). He had studied this poem in French class years ago. These words kept being repeated in his mind throughout the day: “Pas un seul petit morceau de mouche ou de vermisseau, elle alla crier famine chez la fourmi sa voisine.” The English translation is: “Not even a morsel of fly or worm, she went to her ant neighbor to cry about her lack of food.” V.K. then realized that this event might be forthcoming in a very near future.

It so happened that V.K. had been staying temporarily in Texas at that time, unlike his family and friends who live in other states. The rest is history. Texas got hit by that major snow storm starting February 14. And just like everybody else, V.K. suffered the lack of electricity, water, internet, but had cell phone texting availability. And indeed, the shelves were empty when he went food shopping the Saturday after the storm.

Notice that the date and location were not revealed to him because if he had known, he would have gone somewhere else. V.K. therefore was meant to be there and face the fate of the Texans. His family and friends watched the whole debacle on T.V.

The burden of proof lies on the seer.


***Pic Attribution: Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard Grandville, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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