One view of the Nadir

stairs-3314731_1920 Image by Peter H from Pixabay

V.K. one of our psychics, had a discussion with another psychic in the group on 2-21-21 because he had had a vision of a white elephant on 2-6-21. He had searched for the meaning of the white elephant and what it could mean to him. He read about the Vedic god Indra and that his vahana or mode of transportation is the white elephant.

His search took him by accident or maybe by design, to an article on Guardians of the Directions, of which Indra is one. And so, he read that there are eight directions and each one has a god protecting it. These eight directions or ashtadikpalas, are the east, the south, the west, the north, the northeast, the southeast, the southwest, the northwes. With an added two, the zenith and the nadir, it is called Dasadikpala.

The nadir was of interest to V.K. when he saw that it applied to Lord Vishnu. He learned that the nadir is the direction directly below a particular location. V.K. and the other psychic debated on that word and what a possible view of it would be like. That same night, he had an interesting dream giving him a basic understanding of it.

V.K. sees himself walking in a park for quite a bit of time and then he decided to head back to his car. He sees himself driving on the wrong side of the road and quickly redresses himself, which means he was in another country. He is happy that there is no other car on the road. Then, he heads to the park’s restrooms and sees several people talking at the door. He decides to back out and then he watches a man going down a staircase which was not there before, underneath the restrooms.

He follows the man and arrives at the bottom. He looks first on his right and sees several young boys and some older ones laid down on the ground under gray tarps. Some of them stand up and they are lanky and naked. They have a look of despair, dejectedness and hopelessness that broke his heart, but that look also gave him a sense of darkness and evil. The left side of this underground location was exactly the same.

The dream continues where V.K. is now at home sharing this story with his mom and aunt. His aunt responds that the boys he got to see, are utilized for the sex trade and that married and single men use them for their own pleasure. She said these boys tend to call you into their web. They are called: “makab” or something of the sort.

Upon discussion of the possible meaning of the dream, the psychics determined that they can take this dream both at a physical and at an astral level, so to speak. Often, those with clairsentience and clairentitasreception can feel energies emanating from underneath the location they are at, without knowing what is actually there. They feel these energies rising as far as their knees. They call them bottom feeders.

If the “astral” location is dirty, then these sensations are virulent or painful, leading to a sense of uneasiness, anxiety and foreboding. But if the location is clean and no feeders are present, it gives a feel of joy, delight and well-being. Sometimes a location may leave you with apathy, like it is neither good nor bad.

And so we say, the nadir reflects dark, light and neutrality.