An out-of-body experience to Dakhineshwar Temple


In October 2008, Isabel had the most amazing experience of her life. She and her daughter were living in Florida. As the two of them walked the hallway in their building and entered the elevator, they felt a sudden pull coming from nowhere which sucked them into a whirlwind or a void.

From there, they found themselves on top of a few steps. They looked at each other, not understanding what had just happened. They had no idea where they were or how they had landed there. Then, an Indian man walked up the steps to them as if he was expecting their arrival, and he told them to follow him. He was holding a baby in his hands and handed the baby to Isabel’s daughter.

The three of them walked down the few steps toward their left and Isabel was able to see the complete scene in front of her. It was one of the most exquisite architecture she had ever seen. As the three of them were standing in the middle of the courtyard, the man explained to them the purpose of the visit to this place.

He pointed to a bench for Isabel to sit down because he needed to have her daughter accompany him, so her energy could be increased inside the temple he said. Isabel agreed and watched them walk toward the left and enter through one of the entrances.

As Isabel remained seated looking around her at this magnificence, another Indian man approached her and knelt down in front of her, so he could be at eye level. And then, he said to her that she does not know who she is and what her purpose in this life is and that she will find out in the future when the gods start showing up. A policeman with a baton in his hand asked her if everything was okay, as he shooed the man away with the baton.

A little while later, Isabel watched her daughter come out of the building alone and sat down next to her. Her daughter shared with her how extraordinary she felt. Another Indian man approached them at that time and told them, but more so to Isabel’s daughter that the work had been done and how exciting it was to finally meet them. The policeman shooed him away too.

After that moment, they found themselves standing in the elevator going down to the lobby, bewildered but in awe with what had happened.

As an explanation to this major event, Isabel had met an Indian Muslim man a couple of months before and then started dating him. He was born in Kolkata, India and had emigrated to the United States. They spent everyday together walking for exercise. They went dancing together, ate together and met each other’s family. They had a lot of fun.

It seems that Isabel was absorbing her partner’s essence into her. Although he was Muslim, but being raised in Bengal and traveling yearly there, the energy of Bengal was probably radiating all around him and being passed on to her. He was needed for her entry into the Indian culture and way of life. His energy was needed so Isabel could unconsciously learn about the Hindu gods. In deference to Islam and to him, Isabel was given a vivid and enlightening dream of Ali, the fourth Caliph.

Isabel had had a vision of Ganesha in 2004 when she had no idea who he was. But, in October 2013, a door must have finally opened in her because Vishnu made his entrance into her life which was followed by multiple Hindu gods and goddesses.

In the end, Isabel has learned that progress takes time. Abilities develop at their own pace in order for humans to maintain sanity. She also realizes that in the grander scheme of things, religion is just a tool to propel the mind forward. And when we feel that ours is better than the others and we have the need to destroy those who are not like us, in order to show our supremacy, then we lose the key to mystical progress and development. Rut becomes a permanence.

The mystical journey continues!

***Pic Attribution: Knath, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons