Psychics, know your worth

tarot-2469672_1920 Image by RosieLea from Pixabay

Psychics, know your worth and maintain your integrity. Often, in the mystical world that we are in, we have to deal with skeptics or with those who are deliberately offensive. We become defensive and we end up arguing our point over and over again, to the delight of the ones who oppose our views.

To deny psychiatric disorders is to denigrate science and medical diagnoses. People certainly have the right to question your thinking process and determine your state of mind. You on the other hand, have the right to maintain your self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect.

Two of our psychics faced such a situation in 2019 when someone proposed the name of a psychiatric hospital to them because they informed that someone of the various bodily sensations they were having. Clairsentience and clairentitareception were climbing to their highest peak at that time and they were really feeling the impact of all these astral pests and parasites floating around. The two psychics held onto their belief and continued their progress. Today, they are glad that they had kept their steadfastness.

And so, we say to you:

⦁ Know thyself
⦁ Let go of your fear of rejection
⦁ Walk away from those who debase you
⦁ Analyze your knowledge and focus on your own progress
⦁ Know that we are not all meant to be psychic
⦁ Avoid arguments about your knowledge and understanding of your own mystical journey
⦁ Practice acknowledgement and acceptance of other people’s frame of mind
⦁ Search for the truth since the truth may change as you keep growing in knowledge
⦁ Be wise when you push for more and more unless you are ready, willing and able
⦁ Try to avoid alcohol, drugs and illicit activities because they may compromise your judgement of the self

And finally, we say to you: know your worth, not in the eyes of others but in the eyes of your own self. Project honor, respect and kindness to all and receive in kind from those of the same mind, for not everyone has the ability to do the same. That powerful energy of yours, is yours to share consciously and unconsciously. And those around you will benefit in small and in big, and so will you of them.