George Washington


“The permanence of the choo choo train is but a fantasy.” In 2018, while camping in the national forest in Virginia, Isabel saw herself being transported and dropped in the Capitol under the cupola. This moment was the culmination of her conversation with America. Part of the conversation went like this:

(America, you said that you yourself had expanded through people’s migration over and over again. And you said that the world has gone through the same process for umpteen amount of years. And I accepted your wisdom.

And when I was ready, willing and able, you gave me a powerful vision of a statue of George Washington seated on a horse, sword in hand while at the same time telling me “Mechanicsville.” You showed me the battle of Gettysburg and its major impact on American history. You showed me the Underground Railroad when both Blacks and Whites were hiding escaped slaves. You shared with me a vision of a Native Hawaiian male with his tribal tattoos. You showed me the great syllabary invention of Sequoyah and his importance to the Cherokee people.

America, you gave me a most impressive vision in which you had me stand directly under the Capitol Rotunda and admire in all its glory, the Apotheosis of Washington. I saw the gods and goddesses I had seen in visions. I stared at the banner with the words “E Pluribus Unum.” This banner gave me the strong feel that we are all meant to embrace each other and be one, no matter our differences. It impressed on me that we are in this game together, not as one race or one religion but rather as many, united to make one great nation, you, America. Ahhhh, the magic of the cupola!!! Ahhhh, the multiple visions you shared with me!!! Ahhhh, the places you sent me to in order to reconnect your past to the present!!!

And finally, America you said to me that we are all called to face many changes and challenges in our life, with failures and successes along the way and that even you fall under the same guidelines, but in the end, how we handle those changes is what determines our true worth. Your most profound statement to me was: “The permanence of a choo choo train is but a fantasy.”)

Excerpt from Amare Rosita Foundation: The Return of the Hindu Gods: A Mystic’s Journey Copyright © 2018

Pic attribution: AgnosticPreachersKid, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons


In reviewing this section of the book, Isabel today recognizes why George Washington, Marquis de la Fayette and Alexander Hamilton might have appeared to her. They saw and knew that America was facing tough times and maybe they wanted to share their connection with this land. But what exactly did they see, if indeed they did? What are they privy to? Or is it as simple as a clairvoyant is found, let us show ourselves?

Isabel believes that George Washington did some of the talking to her and that he was the one who made the statement about the choo choo train at the capitol because he visited her twice again in 2019. These visions propelled her to travel to different parts of the country where Washington spent some of his time.

Clairaudience and clairvoyance are interesting abilities. Often, one can hear a whole on-going conversation or have a vision while one is for example spending a peaceful moment with a book or having a stroll in a park. Both experiences are quite startling because they are instantaneous, unplanned, unexpected and unrequested.

We in our psychic group tend to refer to the clairs as “the passive ones” because they require no real effort on the part of the psychics, whereas “the active ones” such as working with the elements, objects, or animals, doing dimensional traveling as well other abilities require more mental energy.