Marquis de la Fayette

    Gilbert_du_Motier_Marquis_de_Lafayette- Joseph-Désiré Court, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Seers get incomprehensible messages very often. They may ask for the meaning of a particular message and still not get any response. They tend to spend hours analyzing the message. And then, they let go when they accept that down the road the answer will be revealed.

And so it is that on December 1, 2019, Isabel stopped at a rest area on an interstate to rest for a bit before proceeding to her destination. She had a strange dream of being seated in a living-room. And then she hears someone knocking at the door. She goes to open it and sees this White man dressed in an 18th or early 19th century clothing of green silk jacket, beige pants and beige ruffle shirt. His shoulder-length white blondish hair is tied in the back with a black ribbon. He holds something like a tricorne hat in his hand. A young White girl (maybe 6 or 7 years old) is with him. She reminds Isabel of a girl scout.

Isabel closes the door on them because she does not know them. Lo and behold, the man flows in through the door. Isabel asks him how he managed to come through. He responds that he came to retrieve an item he had forgotten in the house. There is a sense of free-spirit about him, like he marches to his own beat. He walks straight to a bedroom and opens a cabinet, takes an item and flows right back out, without saying another word. As Isabel is waking up, she hears “Marquis de la Fayette”.

She falls back asleep right after, and then sees herself walking down a street and seeing the Frenchman coming from the opposite direction. She goes to kiss him and tells him that she belongs with him. He seems surprised at her words. And then she looks at the street and sees a bunch of White people, men and women, floating through, while some others passed right through her, like she did not exist. She felt like she had seen some of those faces before but she had no recall of ever meeting them.

Upon waking up, Isabel searched for Marquis de la Fayette online. The name very vaguely rang a bell, but she did not recall ever really reading about him. She did not see any connection with her, and she let it go.

On July 6, 2020, Isabel has a fast vision of a young White fellow struggling to make a better life for himself. He puts in long hours of work and knocks on many doors for assistance and support. The vision continues where she is seeing him and some others and then she hears: “Trust me like a king”. This is followed by another scene where the man seems to have reached a high level in society. And as she is waking up, she hears: “Alexander Hamilton”.

Isabel went reading about this new name and saw no connection with her and she let it go, with the understanding that when the time was right, the meaning of it would be revealed to her. And she forgot about these two messages.

On January 20, 2021 Isabel read in the news how President Joe Biden stated in a joking way that his grandmother (maiden name Robinette) might have come from France to the US with Lafayette. Isabel took out her journal to reread about the two messages that were passed on to her. She concluded for herself that the Above had shared with her a vision of what America was going to face, which resembled somewhat the timeline of both Lafayette and Hamilton.

Seers see past, present and future, whether they reflect epic or minor events. It is often difficult to predict the relation between the past and the future. They accept what the Universe shares with them and allow things to take place at the right time, if they are meant to be.


Pic attribution: Joseph-Désiré Court, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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