A boon from the Hindu goddess Laxmi

shell-913591_640 Image by greissdesign from Pixabay

It is sometimes said that if a prediction or prophecy does not manifest in one or two weeks, then it is not legit. This theory may hold some truth but it is not an absolute. There are predictions that may take months or even years to come true.

Last year 2019, Diana spent everyday from May to November doing prayers, rituals and meditation on gods of different faiths and mythologies, on archangels, elements, sun and planets. Each day, she chose a specific name to call on.

On December 12, 2019, she had this vivid experience. She heard that there is a letter waiting for her regarding a new job. Then, she sees this Black lady that she does not know walking towards her and holding a big bag in her right hand. Then the woman starts emptying it out and giving Diana some documents and bags full of Diana’s jewelry and purses that she used to own. The lady also hands her a red wallet (exactly like a black Tommy Hilfiger wallet she presently owns), while asking her if she still wants it. Diana says yes, takes it from her and then asks her for the letter she had heard about. The woman hands the letter to her and then disappears. Diana opens the letter and it is a job offer to start July 12. The logo of the letterhead says Shell with a conch shell image under it.

Diana pondered on the information provided, as she realized that something good was coming her way. It took her some days to figure out that Laxmi had responded to her via the shell logo. She questioned if maybe she had seen January 12 instead of July 12. January 12 came and passed with no change in her life and she eventually let go of this vision/dream.

On July 10, Diana got an online offer and on July 12, everything was sealed for an ideal amount. Diana had a sudden thought that this was like a déjà vu. And then, she remembered her vision and re-read what she had written in her notebook. She spent some days thanking Laxmi for such a great boon.

Most of the time, whoever we call on, gives us a sign of who he, it, she or they are. It can come in the form of the sun in the sky, a specific weapon, a mount or vahana, a bird, a fruit, a word in the language they are known for, a location, a mantra, a symbol and so on. It is up to us to figure out what we are being told and who is doing the talking.

The most important aspect of a psychic’s life is to be willing, able and ready, no matter the many obstacles, defeats, and barriers placed on her or his path. At this level on the mystical journey, the psychic has replaced skepticism and doubt with determination and willpower.

In the case of Diana, whatever vision of good fortune she gets, she unequivocally lets whomever she saw know that promises to her are debts incurred and will be pursued through eternity until fulfilled.