Languages, the tools of the divine

Languages are modes of communication between people, animals and even things. We use languages for different reasons whether to teach, to pass on a message, to order someone around, to nurture, to denote happiness and so on.

Communication via the mind, the mouth or the eyes can come in the form of a song, a heard or written sentence, a word or a grunt. It is all the same because the recipient is capturing it whether he or she understands it or not. In general, it is this exact method that the “divine helpers” use to catch our attention.

Beatrice has many things she enjoys learning about, such as mythologies, the universe and its many components, world history, and especially foreign languages. And so it is that many mornings she wakes up with a song, a poem, a sentence, a word or a written message in her mind. Most of the times, she has no idea what it means and so she takes pleasure in going to research not only the language being used but also the message being passed on to her.

For example, a few days after the moment she spent with her “so-called-husband”, a song in a language that she has not studied, kept playing in her mind from the moment she woke up. All she kept repeating was “sagapo”. And then, a couple of days later while driving to another state, the song came on a YouTube playlist and she learned that it is called An eisai ena asteri by Nikos Vertis. She found out that it is a Greek love song but what fascinated her the most was that it occurred out of the blue.

On another occasion, Beatrice felt somewhat depressed because her journey has been a long one and she sees no end in sight. The song “Vincerò, Perderò” was being sung to her over and over again, but at least she had somewhat an understanding of what some of the words meant. She found a video of Mario Frangoulis and she understood that she will win and she will lose but the journey will have an end, thus she must go on.

A third example for Beatrice is hearing a song that she had heard before from a Bollywood movie but she had no idea what it was. She kept humming it and humming it and then went looking for it on YouTube, knowing that it is from a Shah Rukh Khan movie. And then she found it under the name Butterfly from the movie Jab Harry met Sejal with Shah Rukh and Anushka Sharma as lead actors. And she understood that her partner-to-be is searching for her and knows that she also is searching for him. Ha! Ha! Ha! Much fun!

Some other examples are when she finds herself reading scripts in Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, Aramaic, Sanskrit and celestial among others. Yet, in real life she does not read or understand those languages.

On 7-14-20, Beatrice as she is waking up, heard herself saying to an unknown presence: “Non posso parlare italiano, ma posso leggere l’italiano molto bene”. She knew it was time to go on the learning path.

In this mystical life of ours, for those of us who are interested, we must pay attention to what method the “divine helpers” use to communicate with us. They usually utilize key aspects of our life such as our likes, our dislikes, our strengths or our weaknesses, in order to get their message across. Those of us who go research, move along in order to heighten our clairaudience abilities in the case of hearing and clairvoyance abilities in the case of seeing a written message. Of course, discernment is another teaching tool they use to test our clarity of thought.

Knowledge is that which is given combined with that which is received. It is not forced upon us, since we all know we have free will, but in the end if we want to move forward we do eventually commit. Cause and Effect!