Traveling to the Mental Plane (1)

clouds-3978912_640 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

On May 7, 2020 after seeing that the coronavirus was in full swing, as she had been told months before, Isabelle started to willfully work on the mental plane. Her decision was made when another psychic was given a message to pass on to her that she has been dipping for quite a while into the mental without knowing it. Once that was told to her, she spent days reading all she could find about the plane and then she started the process.

As we all know, often we do things without knowing that there are specific words applied to our experiences. Isabelle’s dad was a shaman, a mystic as he called himself but he did not have one book in the house pertaining to that world. He was a politician with a mystical secret. He talked about the various things he could see, could hear or could do, but words such as clairvoyance or clairaudience did not exist in his vocabulary.

One particular story of his was his experience when he was arrested and beaten to a pulp. One night as he laid dying in jail, a White woman (dame blanche as he called her) descended into his room from thin air and gave him what he called a whipped egg concoction. The moment he started coming out of the death throes, the woman departed without saying a word. The next day he was released from jail and was found not guilty as he had said all along.

And so on May 7, Isabelle on her first attempt just used the words “mental plane” without stating any specific level. On that day, the most important result of her meditation was that Daode Tianzun, one of the Three Pure Ones was present; a statement about King Arthur and then seeing the flag of England.

As she did daily meditative work, she encountered beings such as Hanuman, Kalki, archangel Michael, Saraswati and Radha. On June 3, 2020, she had the most magnificent vision, that of Laxmi descending ethereally on a clear floating staircase. Laxmi had silver dust particles radiating all around her body. And then Isabelle heard “La Canción del Fortuno…”. This was simply the most magnificent vision ever.

On June 12, 2020, Isabelle saw herself standing on the ground level looking up at a large balcony on the second level. There she watched multiple Greek gods and goddesses standing there looking at her. And then a gate opened up and she realized that multiple people or beings were being flushed down a gully, an opening created by the gods from the balcony leading to the ground level. Isabelle then knew that she had a lot more work to do .

In the mental plane, Isabelle also saw people she has never met, such as two famous Bollywood actors, one male and one female, as well as other people of different races that she does not know at all.

Isabelle’s adventure in wonderland so far ends on June 12 for the purpose of this post. We will continue sharing interesting tidbits. At present, she has made it to the causal level, only because she heard “Causal Body” on September 1, 2020.