Please, Thank You and Sorry

Inkeddoctor-563428_640 Image by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay_LI (2)

Some people while in a dream state or in meditation, sometimes find themselves giving aid to someone that they do not know at all or to someone they have heard about but have never met.

In October 2014, Beatrice found herself in a dream at the home of an older man who was in his bed sick on that day. She did not know him but she was called in as a medical practitioner to assist him in getting better. She provided the care needed, gave him some type of medication, boosted him up and then walked out of the room. As she visited the man’s house, she saw how luxurious it was and so she realized that this was a very wealthy individual.

And so, she asked an unseen presence next to her who this person was and why she had to provide help to someone who already has so much. She was told that this man is a movie producer and he is needed for some more movies before he dies. She was also told that she herself had received help multiple times in the same manner from other helpers.

In May 2020, Beatrice finds herself walking around in an unknown, dark underground place. As she keeps walking, she sees people of different races milling around. She does not acknowledge them. And then, she sees a little girl of maybe 5 or 6 years old all alone, looking lost. Beatrice grabs her hand to go in search of her mom. As they are walking, several men who look pure evil, try to grab the girl from her. Beatrice knocks them off, knowing they mean no good. They finally exit out of the underground and further down the road in the light, the little girl drops her hand and runs to a woman who ends up hugging her. Beatrice recognizes the mom as an actress. Since the mom walks away without a single word, Beatrice stops her in her stride and tells her that there are three words that people must always be willing to say: please, thank you and sorry.

We are all initiates in a sense and because of that we are sometimes called to help others whether we know them or not. It all depends on our own ability to succeed at a particular endeavor.

As we become more and more spiritually and mystically adept, we realize that we are being worked on continuously by known and unknown helpers. These helpers may be goddesses, gods, angels, archangels, devas, devi, masters, adepts, initiates and so on. Our progress, although we think that it is all due only to our own efforts, is actually a mixture of us and a mixture of them. And so, we learn the importance of acknowledging them and thanking them for their effort, support and patience.

The assistance given to us by these helpers is a blessing and is a gift that cares not about belief, color, creed, nationality, race or status.