How we protect each other unknowingly

corona-Image by Pabitra Kaity from Pixabay

On January 30, 2020, John dreams that he is being pursued from town to town where he sees dead people each time, but those running after him cannot catch him, until he reaches one place where a group of Black men (in the dream he felt that these people were either Ethiopian or Eritrean) captures him. The older man of the group, a tall slim man with very smooth dark skin who wears a beige tunic, holds on to John’s right arm and pierces it with something like a lancet and says it is to protect him. Then the older man tells him that he may go.

John starts running again from town to town. He arrives to a place that has a tall jade green apartment building with curved balconies. He looks at the people in the building and they look Italian to him. And then he sees dead people. He keeps running again and arrives to another town and he is now inside another apartment building running from room to room. These people he feels must be Brazilian because he hears portuguese being spoken and some are dark in complexion and some have olive skin tone. And then he sees dead people. Finally, he wakes up in a panic.

At first, John thought it was simply a nightmare, until weeks later when the news started reporting more and more cases of the coronavirus. Then, he realized that he had been warned of things to come.

In real life, John has had several family members, several friends, his accountant, acquaintances and friends of friends who have died in New York due to the coronavirus.

One cannot attest to the validity of any dream until it becomes a reality. John could have been told that he was going to be privy to so many deaths, he would have said “no way”.

The significance of this dream is that unbeknown to us, protective and defensive work is being done for us in higher planes. Working in the mental plane for example, provides the experiencer the opportunity to meet some higher beings who work on behalf of humanity.

Some people may ask what happened to all the folks who have already died of the virus, did they not have beings working on their behalf? Our response would be that destiny and karma, or maybe what we each came to earth to learn, determines our journey, be it brief or extended. These beings are there for each and everyone of us.

In the end, if we were to see our past lives, we would see the many roles we have assumed throughout times in order to enhance our growth and development.