Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience

“The World Powers are now Visitors.” V. K. 03-19-20

Imagine hearing the above words and then days later seeing:

⦁ Several blue human bodies come out of a portal in between two trees in a wooded area. As they step out, their whole body seems to shake a bit before they redress themselves. Also out of the same portal, comes a stone dust potbellied body on two legs with an elephant head. He also shakes a bit then steadies himself.
⦁ Several human bodies with wings on their back in the down position, walk among other humans with no wings and these humans do not appear to see these beings.
⦁ A canoe appears out of nowhere on a body of water and then three White females happen to be seated in it.
⦁ Three Black females drop in a street out of nowhere. Their body has a slight shake and then stabilizes itself. Some people are also in the street but pay no attention to their appearance, as if they do not realize that these three women are right next to them.
⦁ Multiple spacecrafts with blazing lights appear in the night sky. They fly toward the left of where the viewer is standing, while one bigger craft remains immobile.
⦁ A male body pops out of a body of water, lifts itself up and then disappears into thin air.
⦁ Two cars are being driven at such a high speed that they seem to blur on the road. Several people are inside of them. These cars pass right through other cars, oblivious to others.

V.K. describes the experience as a certainty for him because throughout that time he kept fluctuating from high body heat, like he was having hot flashes to bottom coldness. In so saying, his body reacted to each vision differently.

Thus, we see that clairaudience was given to him in the form of a sentence. Then came clairvoyance in the form of visions to be followed by clairsentience in the form of heat and cold.

Now, coming back to the statement “The world powers are now visitors,” we realize that it is nearly impossible to verify if it is true or not. All we can do is watch, observe and monitor the state of our own society and then determine if there is a cause for concern.

The truth is behind the veil.