Can a dream help us prevent the death of a baby?

baby-Image by fujikama from Pixabay

Beatrice has a dream where she sees a one month to two-month-old baby boy dying in a bed. Beatrice in an imploring voice says to him “Please breathe for me, breathe, breathe, breathe” as she watches him render his last breath. In the meantime, a tall man with a large brown bag strapped onto his right shoulder, waltzes in through the wall. Beatrice in a screaming voice asks him how he had managed to enter the room since the door was locked. The man does not answer but walks past the bed toward the sink and then turns around to look at Beatrice and at the baby. She runs outside the room to the landing and starts screaming “Help, Help.” And then she wakes up.

Two months later Beatrice went to spend a few weeks with her family living in another state. She sees her grand-nephew for the first time and realizes that he was the baby she had seen and she panicked. She held the baby in her arms and she could tell he was having breathing problem because he was wheezing and she could hear crackles as he breathed. His body had a slight tremor. Her niece said that he was coming out of a case of pneumonia.

Beatrice informed her family members of her dream, but not her niece, so not to cause her much worry. The minute her niece departed, every family member went home and lit a candle and prayed to keep him safe and protected. The candles remained lit for seven days and prayers were also done for seven days.

Did the prayers and candles help? There is no sure guarantee of that but everyone in Beatrice’s family felt that they had a hand in keeping the baby alive and safe.

The morale of this story is that as parents and as family members, we have an invisible bond with each other and it is that bond that can help us protect our own in times of trouble. It is important that we remain vigilant at all times because of the impact astral entities have on us, unbeknown to many of us.