A day in the life of a seer

A seer, as we shared in the post The gift of Prophecy is someone who sees, hears or senses the future. To the seer, there is always a wait period, be it hours, days, months or years. Sometimes what is seen may not come to fruition due to a change in direction on the participant/s’ part.

And so it is that on May 8, 2020 a seer decided to meditate early that morning. She received some interesting information on that day. Clairvoyance and clairaudience were utilized to divulge some aspects of the future to her. She really had no idea what it all meant but she realized something was going to take place. Here are what she saw and heard:

⦁ Saw a ladybug in the middle of her bed.
⦁ Heard “bunny rabbit” and then she watched the rabbit eat ceaselessly.
⦁ Heard “Malcolm X” and then she saw mops and brooms propped up against walls.
⦁ Heard “Kalki” and she saw him seated on a white horse with a sword in his right hand. She paid attention to the beautiful blanket on his horse. She remembered seeing him a few years ago.
⦁ Met a woman who introduced herself and said she was from the UK. The seer named her Sunjay because she looked Indian. The seer told her how her daughter and herself feel people and things which are infested and how they ended up writing about it. The seer informed her that it is the reason why she rose up to this place to learn more about what the heck is going on. She also shared with Sunjay that many gods from the ancient past have visited her.
⦁ Watched the sky opening up and hitting earth with multiple lightning rays at one time, over and over again. Then she saw herself telling her daughter that the gods use this process to awaken people’s awareness and abilities.
⦁ Watched how a gray sky open up and a humongous display of a president’s head, neck and chest shows up. He is positioned in a horizontal manner, left to right. That president is screaming in a panicky voice: “This is a new one. This is a new one.”

The seer ended up sharing her experience with different psychics in the group and their advice was to wait and see what is on the horizon.

Each one of us has the option to analyze visions in whatever manner is convenient for us. There is never a claim that visions are absolute. Far from it! Ultimately, we can still venture to say that some recent events have re-opened the eyes of the world onto the ills of society.


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