Mental Plane Activities


And when a devastating vision came to pass, the seers chose to go study and visit a higher plane in order to validate the process of manifestation.

The mental plane is where our thoughts are heard and processed, be they positive or negative, earthly or divine, scientific or spiritual and so on. No thought is left untouched, although it may dissipate if it is just a passing thought or if it is not pursued consistently.

As humanity continues to vibrate and thoughts of joys, of pain, of wars, of diseases or of destruction are emitted, the mental plane processes them to evaluate how they can be reproduced in the physical plane. The response may be immediate or may take years, depending on karmic debts incurred.

Let us take an example on a micro level, that of an astronomer whose passion is the sky. Her greatest wish is to discover new stars, new galaxies, new constellations or even new universes, as well as to learn about their properties. She emits these thoughts continuously throughout her waking moments.

Her work is busily done daily in the physical plane but unbeknown to her, she is also working on the mental plane during her sleep. From the mental plane, the descent of her manifestation to the astral plane may be visible to her if she has insight or if she is able to dream or have visions of the on-going processes and of the finishing touches.

Years later, this astronomer is the first to discover an unknown constellation with a triple star system. She is amazed at her luck, for she does not know that she co-created this discovery. Had she not thought and persevered at it, this manifestation might not have occurred. Her name will be in the books as its discoverer.

Let us now take it on a macro level. Many people around the world are appealing to their “gods” for help from their oppressors. Notice, the oppressors can be any which ones causing them pain and suffering. These people’s thoughts are creating a high vibration in the mental plane. Higher Beings, be they Angels, Archangels, Gods, Goddesses or Adepts are all pitching in on how to handle such mass appeals. Changes for growth and evolution of humanity must take place, but at the propice moment. As history has shown us, the solution to these problems tend to depict massive amount of pain for all around in order to bring in a more evolved society.

Life is an interesting journey when one starts to understands the laws of the universe.