The Gift of Prophecy

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Seers are individuals who have the ability to see the future. They can predict near or far future events. Thus, by definition, seers possess the gift of prophecy.

Prophecy displays itself through several clair senses either singly or simultaneously. Clairvoyance or clairaudience usually is the main route for messages. Often enough, clairolfaction, clairempathy, claircognizance or clairsentience can also be embedded in a prophetic message.

Prophecy carries several risks but yet it holds great importance in the life of a seer. Some say prophecy should not be revealed because it is given only for the individual’s knowledge. Some believe that it relates to the work of the devil. Some others may profess that if the prediction does not take place in a short period of time, it is therefore fake. Prophecy is indeed a debatable topic.

Several of our seers for years have been privy to impending events beyond their knowledge. They have visions, dreams, auditory phrases or sentences, doom feelings and so on. Natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fires, landslides, tornadoes as well as wars, strikes, explosions, elections’ results or accidents form a great part of their discoveries.

Seers’ prophetic dreams usually involve a whole scene where the seers are caught in the details of the dreams whereas the visions are just visions with no interaction on their part. They may hear the location of a particular disaster. They may also get a feeling that they are dying in the event. They see strangers in action all over the world. They see both positive and negative events.

Some examples that can be mentioned are the 2004 tsunami seen in a detailed dream with the word “Krakatoa” stated. The 2016 earthquake in Ecuador with the map showing the location and people speaking Spanish gave goosebumps to the seer. A vision of a huge fire and people running while she heard its location alerted a seer to an impending disaster.

So many advanced notices are given to a seer that he or she usually sees it as an overwhelming experience. She bears the pain of the sufferer just as much as the joy of a new birth. But yet, does all that knowledge call for revealing what is learned?

Should prophetic messages be related to the public? Our seers feel that in their case they should not, simply because there is no guarantee that what they see will become a reality. They also state that mankind has a way of twisting a story into a veritable nightmare for all involved.

Many seers rather choose prudence over notoriety.


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