Should psychics reject invasion of privacy

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Privacy plays an important role in one’s mystical journey. Often, a psychic reaches a point where he or she ends up debating the pros and cons of a particular experience. It is not very easy to let go of an ability when one is just starting to understand it. Often one may not know why or how an event is actually taking place and yet one may question its possible invasion of privacy. And so, here is such a tale.

Charlotte went camping one weekend and that Friday afternoon, a man and his young son chose to camp in the spot next to her. She watched them walking and talking to each other and thought it was a great bonding moment for father and son. They only spent one night and were gone the next day.

That night, Charlotte had a detailed dream. She saw herself standing behind the father just as he arrived in front of his work building, dressed in long sleeve shirt, tailored paints and tie. He used some type of biometric access system to enter the building. Charlotte floated in right behind him. She followed him to a different room where he used the same method to enter again. It was all high-tech. She stayed a while to observe him and various people in action. Then, she decided it was time to leave. The door for the room she was in was locked and she had no way of stepping out. She started panicking and then someone got up to go out and she floated out with him. Her next trial was getting out of the front doors which too were locked. She again had to wait until a woman was stepping out for her to leave.

Charlotte stated that for a period of time she had been privy of people’s life, if there was something worth knowing, but after this instance, she chose to cut that thread. She firmly declared that she no longer wanted this aspect of her ability. From then on, these types of dreams, visions or intended pursuit were no more, although at times the temptation is pretty high.

Privacy and ethics must often be considered, whether in the physical or in the astral realm. The more one knows of someone or of a situation, the more risks one is taking. Better be safe than sorry.