Seekers’ Journey

forest-Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay
A few years ago, a mother and daughter decided to spend some time in a southeastern state. It was a last-minute decision made on an impulse due to the whispering winds. And off they went to enjoy mountains, parks, rivers, forests, southern people and their cuisine.

The first couple of weeks was wonderful. They hiked, walked, ate to their heart’s content and welcomed talking to people everywhere they went. They so much savored the atmosphere of the whole area that they contemplated the possibility of a long-lasting stay. And, they started making plans.

The first warning started with the whispering words “time to go”. They said it meant nothing to them. Subsequently, they dreamed that the forest close to their refuge was on fire. That did not work. A day later, they got another dream of their place burning down, with them inside of it. Still, they did not want to see it as a warning. The following night, a thunderstorm developed causing damage to part of the building. They went hiking the next day as if it was not related to them. They were in control of their life and nobody was going to dictate to them what to do.

The final coup de grâce was when the couple on the left and the couple on the right started fighting during another thunderstorm night. Those people punched the walls, they slammed the doors, they screamed and they cursed at each other most of the night. No rest was gotten and the mother-daughter team finally knew that it was really time to leave. They packed up that morning and walked out knowing where next to go, since the next place was already whispered to them.

The journey of a seeker is that of non-permanence, until the journey is declared over. The mother-daughter team had forgotten their reason for traveling and visiting other places. Although a lot of enjoyment is derived from such blissful moments, it usually is not meant to last.

Most of us in general believe that we have the upper hand when it comes to our life. We feel empowered because life is about us and what we feel we deserve. But yet, there is an invisible hand that manipulates the mystical journey of all those guided on that path. Sometimes when the seekers are not willing to listen, unfortunate circumstances have been known to happen in order to teach them a lesson.

Ultimately, the grander picture is not controlled by us humans, but rather by Her, Him, It or Them, no matter what we may want to believe.