A Psychic Witch’s Experience

scuba-diving-380627_640 Image by Dragonheart55 from Pixabay..

There are many occult phenomena that relate to the clairs, although some people refer to them as hallucinations. Some of these eventful circumstances are at random and some are at will. It all depends on the intent, determination and skill of the psychic.

Some say that one’s magical experiences should always be kept private, for mankind cannot be trusted. That is indeed true but how can humanity continue toward enlightenment if nobody shares potentials and possibilities. Along the years we have continuously been thankful to authors around the world who were willing to pass on controversial stories, be they of gods, aliens, superhumans, elementals and so on.

And so today, Amelia wants to share this story with us. She is a psychic and a (solitary) witch because she casts spells among other things, whenever necessary. And so, one day after reading a book on dragons and divine white light, she decided to do a ritual in order to be given more knowledge of the self. This ritual was done on the spur of the moment, on a waxing eve, close to a full moon. The same ritual was to be done for three consecutive eves, culminating at the full moon.

Her spell was a rhyme asking for the revelation of both dragon blood and divine white light in her. And there it was, the result was amazing, she said. The first night after the ritual, a mixture of beige/grey/green scaly dragon side view appeared. Then its head turned in her direction and she saw two penetrating eyes staring at her. Next, it telepathically passed on a personal message to her.

The following night, to her great surprise, the divine white light did not show itself as white. Instead, she saw a blue light radiating all around her body, from above her head down to almost her waist. And she heard a voice speak to her as if it was coming from her chest or maybe her head, she was not sure. The voice shared a fascinating story with her.

On the third occasion, the night of the full moon, Amelia put in all her energy into it. She took a shower as usual, meditated for 30 minutes with soft music playing in the background. She merged with herself and then she was ready. Just as before, she followed the full ritual format of altar, circle, elements, guardians, divinities, spell and closing. Her response that night was incredible. According to her, light surrounded the room that she was in and through the light, she saw a man shapeshifting to dragon and back to a man again. The electric pull from the two of them was so great that they approached each other and bonded immediately, both as human and as dragon. The moment was fleeting but a detailed conversation occurred.

Amelia stated that she is not viewing these visions as absolutes. Her focus is on the fact that clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and hieros gamos took place in such an extraordinary manner, that she remained befuddled for days, as dragon visions took place for several days and then ended.

It is a known fact that none of these events can be validated since they are only privy to the ones having the experience but it is still fascinating that people can obtain answers to their own questions by going inside themselves.

In the end, knowledge, wisdom and practice are often the big determinants of magical results.