How to lift veils, Desystemize, Leave the box


Veils are placed as safeguards to protect you against delusions, evil, hallucinations, the loss of your mind, the loss of faith and belief in the self, so and so forth. There are many veils applied onto men, for they are not ready to lift themselves up to new beliefs.

Why? Ask yourself how many people are willing to let go of Yahweh, Jehovah, Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad, and so on and so forth. They are far and few in between. Men need something to hold onto, otherwise they feel lost, they feel something is lacking in their life. Men have a hard time letting go of the old to bring in the new. They are bound by routine and they refuse change.

So back to veils. There are many of them and as you remove one, you face another and another and another. How can you let go of as many as you can? It is through a process called “de-systematization”, meaning removing yourself from the system.

Systems are in place to bind you to a certain routine. They are there to keep the status quo. They keep you in line. They bind you. They control you.

Now, let us say you choose to make up your mind to do things your way and you talk about it. See the reaction you get from others. It is so for many concepts that have been in place. Some of your veils may be lifted while others may have a lot more in place, on down the ladder as well as up the ladder, ad infinitum… It is a never ending process.

So let us talk about how to remove yourself from the system, “de-systematization”. See yourself as a spectator viewing a show, a third wheel here for the ride. You have no input to invest into the fire, you are just here to observe. See yourself as the fly on the wall watching people’s reactions to events, belief systems, activities and learn from it for yourself. Feel yourself or view yourself as a spirit floating without essence, there to analyze a way of life without interference. See how men interact with each other and conclude for yourself. See how men view their religious books and make no inference to their creeds. View the pros and the cons of any situation, any discussion, any tenet without making it yours. See yourself not there to judge but to learn of the outcome. See yourself being lifted into another level without you even knowing how it happened.

What you did was not involving yourself, your own beliefs into the action. You allowed the action to guide you into a new way of thinking. You are not there to judge, you are only there to observe and see where your mind floats to, what information you receive from the interplay or interaction.

Your divine self is always with you, ready to infuse into you new light when it sees you ready to receive it. Your divine self cannot force you to let go of Jesus if you are not ready, to let go of Yahweh if you are not ready. Your divine self must feel you are open to new beliefs, new thought processes in order to pour in new light.

Picture a donkey being dragged to water. Does it seem like a desired situation? No, it does not. One must be ready for knowledge in order to receive it. You will notice that the ones ready to accept information you are imparting will be drawn to it. That is how the universe works.

So once again, “de-systematization”.

Open up your mind, your soul, your body to new ideas and be willing to analyze them and see how they fit in your life. If they resonate to you, it is because you have lifted a veil allowing this new knowledge to sink in, if it does not resonate, it is because this particular veil that is in place, fits you and makes you who you are.

There is no need to fight it, to remove it by force. All you will do is create anger inside of you, for anything done by force and not by love is not worth being the light. Light by definition is knowledge acquired through willing experience. If you experience something because you were forced to do it, all you have toward it is anger, hatred and frustration. It is not light.

Light is light. Light is easy. Light is free flowing. If it is not so, it is then darkness, for darkness is the opposite of light. It is the antithesis of love.

So when you come into a situation that puzzles you, use the “de-systematization” method, meaning remove yourself out of it as a participant, see yourself as an observer and get what you can out of it. No need to fight it, to struggle with it, to get angry at it. It serves you no purpose. It is not light to you.

Realize that the veils that you yourself have already lifted, most people still have them in place. So when you fight and argue with someone on technicality, you are butting heads at two different levels. Yours is a veil removed and that other person is a veil in place. It can also be viewed vice versa.

No two people are the same, be they family or friends. Each person comes into this world with his own abilities and his own way of thinking and also his own personality. One cannot impose one’s beliefs onto someone else. One can try to impart knowledge and if that receiver is not ready, one must be willing to let go.

Why fight? Why bring out such negative energy? Why become depressed over a matter of beliefs? No one should force someone else into believing what one deems right or the truth.

De-systematization! Remove yourself from the physical plane and enter into the etheric in order to see the light. As each veil falls off, a new thought process comes into play. You see yourself being able to understand a concept that you could not have understood before. That means you were able to shed that particular veil.

There are many more veils to be removed. But always be careful. See what you are not ready to see, you may enter the psychiatric ward. Hear things that you are not ready to hear, you may step into the locked ward. So we say to you, thread gently into the mystical world. Be willing when you are ready.

The key is acceptance of this other world that exists beyond your eyes and beyond your ears.

This other world is a secret open only to those worthy to enter into it, be it to the light side or to the dark side. You choose which door you want to go through as each door represents you in the end.

Veil after veil, door after door, it is all a game. It is all a practice in order to leap to the next level. If we remain the same, we remain stagnant.

If we step forward, we get closer to God. If we get closer to God, we see ourselves as God, as God is a part of us and we are a part of God, for we must know it in order to accept it, one veil at a time.