When Dreams Are Holograms

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Most dreams and visions are given to us, be they positive or negative; be they by gods, spirits, ghosts, angels or creatures; be they true or false.

As was mentioned in a previous article, dreams can be warnings, predictions, prophecies, health concerns, cures and so on. But, sometimes they may have a hidden purpose, and that, we call subtle mind-control, brainwashing or hologram. Those who have no recollection of their dreams are somewhat at a disadvantage because they have no awareness of the possible cause of an unusual behavior on their part. Here are a few examples denoting this concept. They are obviously debatable because most of us tend to analyze an experience in the manner that fits us best.

A person stated that she dreamed of having a brawl with her daughter and of losing total control of herself because her daughter overspent on oranges at an outdoor fair. The two of them are normally on the best of terms. They have an amicable and loving relationship. So, she made sure she shared the dream with her daughter and they both recognized that it had to be a subtle way to create a rift between them. They knew that it was a play at interference. Granted this dream could have been prophetic, in other words it might have foretold an argument due to happen at a later time. Still they knew that it had no relevance in their life. To them it reflected manipulation, a gentle push toward creating ill feelings where there is an on-going harmony. Their immediate response was: “Buzz off”.

Another person reported that she has been married for many years, with kids in college. She has had a relatively decent life with her husband. She stated that after so many years of marriage she recognized that their relationship was not like when the two of them first met but ultimately they both still cared about each other. And so, three times in a row she woke up having a dream where she is attracted to a woman and ends up acting on it. It perturbed her to no end. She affirmed that she has absolutely no interest in a same-sex relationship nor any desire to leave her husband. In her case, she ended up assessing herself deeply to see if there is maybe a buried pull toward a same-sex relationship or if she is harboring a need for a new partner. She came up with an absolute no and therefore she realized that she was being led toward a road that is not hers. And she affirmed loudly and solidly: “Not interested”. Those dreams did not come back.

Another person shared this disconsolate vision he had. He admitted that it scared him to no end. He watched himself committing suicide by ingesting multiple pills. He popped out of the vision in panic when he saw himself render the last breath. This man said that yes he might have been very depressed on some days but he did not see himself taking it to that final destination. And yet, one day he felt such a compulsion toward ingesting a lethal dose of a poison that he ended up acting on it. Fortunately for him, he had projectile vomiting and all the fluid came out of his system. He, after the fact, questioned how he could have committed such a horrific act.

The next dream shows how we can easily be influenced. This person is at a party and she is standing alone watching different groups of people laughing and enjoying themselves. She does not know anyone until she notices an old friend of hers that she had not seen for several years. She watches how this girl holds in her right hand a drink that has three different color pills in it. She sees her friend take those pills one after the other. The next thing she observed was how much her friend became the life of the party. As she saw that, she herself felt that the reason she was alone was because she did not have any pills to take. She experienced a strong pull toward asking someone in the crowd for the same pills. And then she woke up. Never in real life, she explained, had she wanted to do drugs. She asked herself if deep in her she carried this hidden need. She came up with a solid “no”. Thus, she realized that this was not her path.

The most important concept which is ours to have and to hold is: “Know thyself”. Our inner, deep and true feelings are our best guides in life. If a thought resonates with us then it might be displaying who we truly are but if it absolutely does not not resonate with us, we must recognize that it is coming from something or someone else outside of us. It is therefore important to acknowledge the role that behind-the-scenes imposters might play in our life. The goal of subversive tactics is always the same: it is to create disturbance, addiction, deviance, strife, chaos, destruction, homicide or suicide.

Dreams can be prophetic, enthralling or self-explanatory. They can help us work out daily and mundane problems we are facing. Yet, it still behooves all of us, especially parents, to be aware of the perilous nature of some dreams. Caution and vigilance might just serve as our best protection against hidden coercion.

When Dreams Are Holograms.