You Are The Thoughts You Manifest


Each individual is largely the result of the thoughts he has manifested, and the feelings which he has harbored. Therefore, the rule is to manifest and exercise the faculties you would develop, and inhibit or refrain from manifesting the ones you would restrain or control.

To restrain an undesirable faculty: develop and exercise its opposite—kill out the negatives by developing the positives.

The mind produces thought; and yet, it tends to grow from the particular portion of its own product which you may choose to feed to it—for it not only creates thought, but also feeds upon it.

So, let it produce the best kind of thought for you, and then throw that back into the hopper, for it will use it to grind out more of the same kind and grow strong in so doing.

– The Human Aura by Swami Panchadasi | Courtesy of Project Gutenberg