When a dream puzzles you


Have you ever had a dream that remained in your mind a whole day and you could not figure out what it meant? You knew that it was important. You had a nagging suspicion of a possible meaning for it but it just was not solid enough.

Dreams come to us from our higher self, angels, gods, spirits or entities. While we are capturing them in the higher field, we understand very well what we are being told or being shown. By the time they get to us, they had to travel down the various sub-levels of the plane where they came from and because of that, we may receive a distortion of them.

Several scenarios may present themselves when it comes to dreams. Here are a few of them. Some people say that they:

  • do not remember any dream they had.
  • understood the dream clearly while it was given but upon awakening they have to try to decipher what it means, to no great result.
  • recall saying to themselves that the message being given is important and that they must remember it when they wake up. Unfortunately when awake the whole information is gone.
  • get a weird dream that is so distorted that it makes absolutely no sense.
  • knew the importance of a message passed on to them but when they wake up, they find the information blah.
  • question how a message to do harm could have filtered to them.

One of our psychics recently had such a dream. Throughout the day, she kept thinking about it but the true meaning of it kept escaping her. So, she decided to ask for an explanation. Several times in the evening and before going to sleep she requested to have the dream explained to her in a different way. The very next night, she received a new one. She was able to somewhat decipher the meaning of the first dream via the second one. And then another one came on the third night and it sealed it. She then knew unequivocally how things were going to play out. The lesson she learned is that nothing is complete until a valid answer is given and well-understood.

The key in solving an important dream that puzzles us is to ask for a repeat until it is fully understood. Then, to finalize the whole deal, the future tells the dreamer if what he or she had thought was correct.