Dao Fills The World


Dao fills the world
Every place the citizens are located,
But the citizens can not understand this!

With the liberation of one word:
Your head can observe what is in heaven,
Your lowest extreme is on earth,
And your coils fill the nine provinces.

What does it mean to be liberated by it?
You will reside in a calm heart/mind.
I regulate my heart/mind and my senses are then regulated;
I calm my heart/mind and my senses are then calm.
That which regulates them is the heart/mind!
That which calms them is the heart/mind!
The heart/mind thus contains a heart/mind;
The center of the heart/mind also has a heart/mind!

In that heart/mind of the heart/mind :
Thought thus comes before words;
After thought comes form;
After form comes words;
After words comes manifestation;
After manifestation comes regulation.
Without regulation, there will certainly be confusion;
Confusion, then death.

From: Study of Inner Cultivation, by Anonymous, Translated by Bruce Linnell | Courtesy of Project Gutenberg