The Merman and the Whale



The mystical realm chooses the way it wants to offer lessons of high importance. It is usually up to us to figure out the meaning of such lessons. One of our psychics enjoys expressing her dreams or visions in poetry style. Here is another one of hers:

The Merman and the Whale

Two creatures of the sea happened to meet one day
They each declared their might over earthly waters
The merman gracefully showed his powerful skills
He ordered the ocean to bow to him in awe

The ocean swirled and spun in super somersaults
It whistled and it hissed to show its reverence
It emitted loud sounds that were heard far away
It stated loud and clear where its allegiance lies

The whale upon seeing such artful creations
Called upon his great size to prove his supreme might
He explained how he got to own such possessions
“Long before you arrived I ruled both land and sea”

“My dad the Almighty told me the earth was mine
To do as I saw fit because I was of him
Lowly merman beware of my wrath and temper
I can rip you apart with just my potent glare”

The merman was not fazed by such declaration
He knew of his own dad the supreme ancient God
He related great deeds of times past here on earth
He recalled his exploits with mermen like himself

So angry were they still that they failed to listen
To the loud thunderbolts that arose from above
Two armies descended out of pure thin air
They both took a firm stance next to their chosen one

A bloody war ensued causing much destruction
They laid waste to all things so angry were they all
The waters and the land stood no chance in such wrath
Forceful were these beings the likes no one had seen

It took fifty scores years for earth to see the light
Such verdant fields ever were a wonder to see
The oceans and the lakes glistened with fertile life
The merman and the whale were simple catalysts